Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Dad you’ve been so special to each and everyone,
Especially to your family, in the many things you’ve done.

Dad, you have well taught us, how best to serve our God,
By practicing the Bible, and never sparing the rod.

Dad, you taught us honor in everything we did;
You never spared to show us, if we sin, it can’t be hid.

From youth you sought to teach us, the treasures from God’s Word.
One by one, we came to Christ, as our sinful hearts were stirred

As we’ve grown and stretched a bit, we’ve made a few mistakes;
Silently, you prayer for us; in our lives you had some stakes.

We honor you today Dad, for who you really are,
Your kind and gentle spirit, that’s spread both near and far.

You’ve reached out to so many throughout the by-gone years,
Sharing the love of Jesus, teaching that God still hears.

As you have graduated, we’re sure you’ll hear Christ say,
“Well done thou faithful servant; this is your crowning day.”

(Written for my wonderful father for his HOME GOING., April 11, 1985)

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