Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I need You Jesus, I need You now;
I need You Jesus, in this crisis hour.
I feel so broken and torn apart;
Come and heal my broken heart.

Crying and weeping, I come to You,
Asking of You, to fill me anew.
Fill me with peace and calm serene;
Help me always on You, to lean.

Only You, Jesus, can take the void
And fill me with that new found joy.
Only You can dry my tears
And take away my every fear.

Jesus, I choose to start anew;
Jesus, I choose to trust in You.
Trust You when the storm clouds rise,
Trust You, for You are always wise.

Lord Jesus how could I not see
What You’ve always done for me?
No one else could see me through,
Or say, “I know, I’ve been there too.”

Thank you Jesus for being here.
Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayer.
As I walk with You each day.
I will see the sun’s bright ray.

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