Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My Kinsman-Redeemer, my wonderful Lord, My Saviour, Baptizer, the infinite Word.
He died to give comfort to set us all free; My Kinsman-Redeemer, what a wonder to me!

He paid for my healing from struggle and strife; He paid for my pardon, to give me new life.
No longer I wallow in Satan’s device; Today I will chose to accept Jesus’ price.

The price of now giving my all for His sake; Today, for my Jesus, His will I will take.
Not my will but Thine Lord, I give to You now. My Kinsman-Redeemer; at Your knee I bow.

Whatever Your will Lord, help me to be free To come to you now Lord, on my bended knee.
No longer I want to be bound by my will; I want that my life will, in You, be fulfilled.

I long that Your life will be my Spinal cord, Filling my life with the joy of the Lord.
Wherever You take me; may I sense you there; Taking my burdens that You promised to bear.

My Kinsman-Redeemer; my wonderful Lord;
My Kinsman-Redeemer, I stand on Your Word.

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