Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My inner child is crying Lord, just longing to be free;
Free of all the garbage; free of all debris.

My inner child is crying Lord; I hurt from deep within;
So many hurts lie buried; it seems I cannot win.

I think back to my childhood, Lord, and try to block the things
That keep me from the victory and joy that Your love brings.

I felt so much rejection Lord; from on I loved so dear,
It seems I could not give myself, because I had such fear.

Fear of failure, rejection; fear of things unknown;
Fear of hurting others; Sometimes I have not grown.

My parenting seems so crippled by all the hurts I store;
I find it hard to reach out, to the child that I adore.

I don’t always understand him, or hear his deepest cry
Because of the hurts I’ve buried; Oh Lord, I feel so dry.

Help me understand him; help me reach inside;
Help me see with Your eyes, and in Your trust abide.

Help me show him Your love and patiently stand by,
To lift him up and hold him, when he would like to cry.

Lord, last night You showed me, that all is never lost.
When my son came to me and his arms around me tossed.

I feel like a caterpillar, just longing to be free,
Changing to a butterfly with wings of liberty.

You tell me in Your Word Lord, You knew me long before
I entered into this world and Your love, to me, outpoured.

Thank you for reminding me, how much You care for me.
Thank You for inner healing; thank you for setting me free.

In the dark of the night when all seems serene,
You wake with a start and don’t know where you’ve been.

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