Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My mind goes back in retrospect to Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Four
When Charlie Feaver one day met a little gal the age of four.
It seems but only yesterday, when he first came to my door,
To pick me up for Sunday school, in obedience to his Lord.

Mr. Feaver was so faithful; he obey the Lord’s command,
In even the smallest details of following the Savior’s plan.
Going back to childhood memories, many things flash through my mind,
Reminding me of the kindness, in this man, we all did find.

Not only did he drive us from church, but invited us to his home,
There to enjoy many a scrumptious meal, and then, to his garden to roam.
Often we’d leave Fifteen Taylor Drive and to the woods we’d go,
For many a hike on a sunny day, led by a man we all loved so.

Such were the things he did for the kids from dear old Craven Road;
It never was too much for him, to pack his Chevy with a load.
Of this faithful servant of God, one could write on and on,
Telling how he was responsible for many a child being won.

I wonder as I look back once more, where some of us would have been,
If it had not been for the faithfulness of Charlie Feaver upon the scene.
For many a soul has met his Lord, because a man cared so much,
To follow his Lord serving little ones, that others wouldn’t care to touch.

A lonely waif or a lumber jack, God met them and saved their souls,
As Charlie gave them spiritual food, that met their eternal goals.
As Charlie Feaver now meets his Lord, I know he will hear Him say,
“Well done, thou good and faithful son, this is your crowning day.”

(Editor’s note: Charlie Feaver was a deacon at Forward Baptist Church in
Toronto, Ontario.  After his retirement, he worked with and became the
President of the Shanty Men’s Christian Association. He and his wonderful
Wife were faithful to God and raised beautiful children who went on to serve
Christ, both at home and in missions)

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