Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Lord, I woke this morning to the rising sun;
As I sought to ponder, a new day had begun.
Today’s a new beginning, new things You have in store,
Help me Lord to listen; to listen to You more.

Forgetting all the past, help me forge ahead,
Living in the present, not in the distant head.
Too long I’ve lived in mire, hurt and unforgiveness;
I want a new beginning Lord; will you now take my weakness?

As the sun began to rise and fill the eastern sky,
A stream of light did gather and o’er the water lie.
That light reminded me Lord, that You want me to be
That light to all the hurting, who need to be set free.

Only as I’m full of You, can I shine forth as light;
Bringing them the message that God will heal their plight.
Lord, let me be a beacon, beaming out light for You,
Helping them hear the message that Jesus loves them too.

Heal me Lord, so I can be a witness to Your power,
Being arms outstretched for You, in their desperate hour.
Yes, I’ll be that beacon, shining forth the light;
Yes, I’ll be a beacon to those in the dark of night.

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