Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Somebody cared down on his knees,
Somebody cared; was that one me?
Down on my knees calling on God;
Down on my knees, feeling His prod.

Caring for those hurting so deep,
Caring for those who lie in a heap;
Lives so shattered and torn apart,
Dying of a broken heart.

Help me Lord to hear their cry;
Help me reach out e
E’er they die.
Many come right by my door,
Open my eyes to see them more.

Lord, prepare me on my knee,
For prayer, I know, is the key;
To unlock doors and break the chains,
Bringing the lost, eternal gains.

Lord prepare me through Your Word,
To help those who have never heard;
That You car whatever their need;
Lord help me to plant the seed.

Help me to act out Your love,
Help me to take off my glove;
Fearing not to soil my hands,
So that others can break their bands.

Somebody cared down on his knees;
Somebody cared Lord, let it be me.
Down on my knees, I’ll call on God;
Down on my knees, I’ll feel His prod.

(Inspired from sermon Feb. 6, 1983)

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