Tuesday, September 14, 2010


In the dark of the night when all seems serene,
You wake with a start and don’t know where you’ve been.
Your dreams seem all muddled and don’t make much sense;
Your sleep’s all but gone and your body grows tense.

In the stillness of night, you have time to think;
To draw from the Savior, from His well, to drink,
But Satan comes in and subtly throws darts,
Of fear and frustration to tear you apart.

Before long you realize, you can’t sleep a wink,
For worry has put you right over the brink.
You reach for the pill box, but find no relief,
You lie there awake as you wallow in grief.

My friend, will you listen in the midst of your strife?
My Savior stands waiting to give you new life.
He wants you to draw from His wells that are deep;
If you will but trust Him, He’ll bring sweet sleep.

His Word holds such promise; He’ll never forsake,
Just trust Him today and your problems, He’ll take.
They won’t disappear but they’ll take on new light;
For Jesus will help you to set things right.

Christ longs for your presence; He longs for your love,
Won’t you let Him give you the peace of His Dove?
In the midst of the night when you wake with a start,
Trust Jesus, your Lord, to bring peace to your heart.

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