Tuesday, September 14, 2010


There’s a treasure in our children that sometimes seems obscure,
As day by day we care for them and make their pathway sure.

From break of dawn, till setting sun, their needs, we must fulfill;
From feeding and to clothing them, to breaking their strong will.

Their cuts and bruises, we must mend and do so with such love;
That they might feel within your breast, Jesus, the tender Dove.

We need to take the time with them, around the family Altar;
Teach them all that’s in God’s Word, and how they too, can prosper.

If we will live the Word of God before our tender ones.
We will someday, see fruit thereof, as to the Lord they run.

A prayer they’ll share when we have need, a blessing, unsuspected,
As they return to us some day, a joy that never endeth.

The faith instilled with a child will never go astray;
For when they face the trials of life, God is not far away

When they grown up, they’ll ne’er forget the times on Mother’s knee,
When she bent down and kissed their brow, or with the Lord, did plea.

And someday when our children grow and they are Dads and Moms,
May they in turn be leading lights to all their little ones.

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