Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Our children are an heritage,
An heritage from God.
They’re planted for a season,
Upon this earthly sod.

We have such little time with them
To mold and shape their lives,
For much too soon, we realize,
It’s time to leave the hives.

What have we taught our little ones
That will take them through their life?
What kind of truths have we instilled,
As they join man to wife?

Will they look back upon their lives
With joy and gratitude,
When they remember, oh so well,
How on God’s Word, you stood.

It will not be the things of life
That will bring pleasure rare,
But it will be the times they saw
You cry to God in prayer.

When we instill God’s principles,
As they go through their prime,
We need not fear; God’s Word declares,
They will pass the test of time.

Take heart, dear parents; ne’er give up;
Your children will come through.
If you’ve been faithful to God’s Word;
His promise will come true.

Our children are an heritage,
Loaned to us for awhile;
May you be faithful to His Word
And go that extra mile.

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