Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Love unconditional,
Love so true;
Love that comes through the morning hue.

Love that cares
Through the deepest hurt;
Love that heals from all life’s dirt.

Love so forgiving;
Love so free.
That love God gives to you and me.

Love that sent
Our Savior dear,
To redeem us from our fear.

Such love we find
In Christ, the Lord;
Love that’s stronger than any cord.

It breaks the bands
That holds us tight,
And brings us from darkness, into light.

There’s healing for all,
And rest complete,
When we come sit at Jesus’ feet.

As we accept
The love He gives,
We will then begin to live.


Have you counted the cost my friend, to be a soldier true?
Standing up for what is right in everything you do.
The ears that hear, the hands that do; the words we speak each day;
Do they stand for what is pure, or do they often stray?

There is a cost to follow Christ, to follow in His way;
Are you willing to pay that price to follow Him each day?
Christ paid the ultimate price for us so many years ago;
He gave up all in sacrifice, because He loves us so.

What have we done to give Him thanks for how He set us free?
What have we done to show the world that Jesus is the Key?
The key to joy and happiness; the key to lasting peace;
The key to untold blessings that truly never cease.

We’re here to make a difference, to show the world we care;
We’re here to love with Jesus’ love and help, their burdens to bear. We are the only Bible which many of them read.
May the message that they hear begin to plant good seed.

What we say and how we act, will speak so very clear,
A message of hate or a message of love, what will your neighbors hear?
So count the cost today, my friend and be a soldier true;
Standing up for what is right in everything


My inner child is crying Lord, just longing to be free;
Free of all the garbage; free of all debris.

My inner child is crying Lord; I hurt from deep within;
So many hurts lie buried; it seems I cannot win.

I think back to my childhood, Lord, and try to block the things
That keep me from the victory and joy that Your love brings.

I felt so much rejection Lord; from on I loved so dear,
It seems I could not give myself, because I had such fear.

Fear of failure, rejection; fear of things unknown;
Fear of hurting others; Sometimes I have not grown.

My parenting seems so crippled by all the hurts I store;
I find it hard to reach out, to the child that I adore.

I don’t always understand him, or hear his deepest cry
Because of the hurts I’ve buried; Oh Lord, I feel so dry.

Help me understand him; help me reach inside;
Help me see with Your eyes, and in Your trust abide.

Help me show him Your love and patiently stand by,
To lift him up and hold him, when he would like to cry.

Lord, last night You showed me, that all is never lost.
When my son came to me and his arms around me tossed.

I feel like a caterpillar, just longing to be free,
Changing to a butterfly with wings of liberty.

You tell me in Your Word Lord, You knew me long before
I entered into this world and Your love, to me, outpoured.

Thank you for reminding me, how much You care for me.
Thank You for inner healing; thank you for setting me free.

In the dark of the night when all seems serene,
You wake with a start and don’t know where you’ve been.


In the dark of the night when all seems serene,
You wake with a start and don’t know where you’ve been.
Your dreams seem all muddled and don’t make much sense;
Your sleep’s all but gone and your body grows tense.

In the stillness of night, you have time to think;
To draw from the Savior, from His well, to drink,
But Satan comes in and subtly throws darts,
Of fear and frustration to tear you apart.

Before long you realize, you can’t sleep a wink,
For worry has put you right over the brink.
You reach for the pill box, but find no relief,
You lie there awake as you wallow in grief.

My friend, will you listen in the midst of your strife?
My Savior stands waiting to give you new life.
He wants you to draw from His wells that are deep;
If you will but trust Him, He’ll bring sweet sleep.

His Word holds such promise; He’ll never forsake,
Just trust Him today and your problems, He’ll take.
They won’t disappear but they’ll take on new light;
For Jesus will help you to set things right.

Christ longs for your presence; He longs for your love,
Won’t you let Him give you the peace of His Dove?
In the midst of the night when you wake with a start,
Trust Jesus, your Lord, to bring peace to your heart.


I need You Jesus, I need You now;
I need You Jesus, in this crisis hour.
I feel so broken and torn apart;
Come and heal my broken heart.

Crying and weeping, I come to You,
Asking of You, to fill me anew.
Fill me with peace and calm serene;
Help me always on You, to lean.

Only You, Jesus, can take the void
And fill me with that new found joy.
Only You can dry my tears
And take away my every fear.

Jesus, I choose to start anew;
Jesus, I choose to trust in You.
Trust You when the storm clouds rise,
Trust You, for You are always wise.

Lord Jesus how could I not see
What You’ve always done for me?
No one else could see me through,
Or say, “I know, I’ve been there too.”

Thank you Jesus for being here.
Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayer.
As I walk with You each day.
I will see the sun’s bright ray.


God sees your tears and broken heart;
He longs to love, and peace impart.
He sees your hurt and inner pride
That will not let a friend inside.

He sees the scarring that remains
Of deep rejection, searing pains.
Rejection that has broken down
The trust of anyone around.

But Jesus is a special Friend
That you can trust till journey’s end.
He feels each heartache that you bear
He lets you know He really cares.

There is no pain that you go through,
That Jesus hasn’t been there too;
He’s been rejected, whipped and scorned;
Before His Father, He has mourned.

He took your place on Calvary
Dying along, to set you free.
He longs to take you in His arms,
Setting you free from all that harms.

When Jesus comes to dwell within,
You will, an instant family win;
Brothers and sisters we become;
Our hearts together knit as one.


My mind goes back in retrospect to Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Four
When Charlie Feaver one day met a little gal the age of four.
It seems but only yesterday, when he first came to my door,
To pick me up for Sunday school, in obedience to his Lord.

Mr. Feaver was so faithful; he obey the Lord’s command,
In even the smallest details of following the Savior’s plan.
Going back to childhood memories, many things flash through my mind,
Reminding me of the kindness, in this man, we all did find.

Not only did he drive us from church, but invited us to his home,
There to enjoy many a scrumptious meal, and then, to his garden to roam.
Often we’d leave Fifteen Taylor Drive and to the woods we’d go,
For many a hike on a sunny day, led by a man we all loved so.

Such were the things he did for the kids from dear old Craven Road;
It never was too much for him, to pack his Chevy with a load.
Of this faithful servant of God, one could write on and on,
Telling how he was responsible for many a child being won.

I wonder as I look back once more, where some of us would have been,
If it had not been for the faithfulness of Charlie Feaver upon the scene.
For many a soul has met his Lord, because a man cared so much,
To follow his Lord serving little ones, that others wouldn’t care to touch.

A lonely waif or a lumber jack, God met them and saved their souls,
As Charlie gave them spiritual food, that met their eternal goals.
As Charlie Feaver now meets his Lord, I know he will hear Him say,
“Well done, thou good and faithful son, this is your crowning day.”

(Editor’s note: Charlie Feaver was a deacon at Forward Baptist Church in
Toronto, Ontario.  After his retirement, he worked with and became the
President of the Shanty Men’s Christian Association. He and his wonderful
Wife were faithful to God and raised beautiful children who went on to serve
Christ, both at home and in missions)