Monday, September 13, 2010


It’s time Lord, to see time; the time that’s passing by,
While we sit back in easy chairs and hear not those who cry;
Cries of hurting people, scarred so deep within,
Scarred from all their past, and scarred with the weight of sin.

It’s time Lord, that we get up; get off our easy chairs,
And lead these ones to Jesus, Who’ll shoulder all their cares.
It’s time Lord that we would see these ones, through Jesus’ eyes,
Free of all the hurting, and free from Satan’s lies.

It’s time Lord to speak for You; speak to our loved ones dear,
And tell them of our Savior, Who’ll drive away their fears.
It’s time to be their Bible that they will read and see
May they see Christ in our lives; see Jesus as the Key.

Key to true forgiveness; key to a life supreme,
Life that’s lived in Jesus and fulfills their every dream.
Yes, Jesus, You’re the answer, the answer to their need;
Help us tell the whole world; help us plant the seed.

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