Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Surrendering to servanthood; Lord, what does it take?
Abandonment of selfishness, to work for others’ sakes.

Abandonment of selfish pride and all that wants acclaim;
To work alone for Jesus Christ, to glorify His Name.

A servant must be willing to get down on his knees,
And wash the feet of others; this is the secret key.

Servanthood means giving; giving all you have;
Bringing joy to others, and to some a healing salve.

Jesus, You were humbled to take a servant’s role;
You were brought humility, to the very soul.

Nothing that You did Lord, deserved what You received;
But through Your true humility, many have believed.

Jesus, make me willing to be a servant true;
Help me be like You, Lord, in everything I do.

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