Monday, September 13, 2010


Grandma, we give you a special task;
It’s something needed, of you, we ask.
To pray your family through to God,
Allowing the Lord, to gently prod.

Grandma, you have time; much time to share
The burdens of life, your children bear,
But most of all, you have time to pray
That they’ll be drawn to the Savior’s way.

Pray in the harvest; harvest of souls,
Praying them through to eternal goals.
Pray without ceasing, and you will see,
Your children won for eternity.

Fell not, your days are wasted or spent.
Your prayers will see your family repent.
Keep pressing on to the Throne of Grace;
Never give up, the fight of faith.

God hears the prayers of a Grandma Dear;
God hears your prayers and see all your tears.
He sees you as a beacon of light,
As you call to Him through the day and night.

No one can replace a Grandma’s love;
A love that’s gentle as a dove,
A love that will see the children through,
When they, themselves, get in a ‘stew’.

Our Grandmas seem to understand;
Our Grandmas don’t throw up their hands,
They move, instead, to bended knees
And bring to Father, all their pleas.

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