Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Oh blessed Holy Spirit
We come to Thee just now
And ask that Thou wilt bless us;
As we, before Thee bow.
Oh take our lives and let them be
On this our wedding day,
Completely yielded Lord, to Thee,
That Thou might’st lead our way.

Oh blessed Holy Spirit,
Be Thou our constant Guide;
And may we ever put three first ,
And never from Thee hide:
Guide Thou our paths where’re we tread
And may we mindful be,
That Thou art guiding both our lives,
In thought and word and deed.

Oh blessed Holy Spirit,
To Thee we jointly pray,
That we, when parents, might bestow
The love Thou dost portray.
Oh give us wisdom from above
To rear our family,
Around the precious Word of God,
And in deep humility.

Written July 1966
When God confirmed to me my life partner.
This poem was really the start of my writing career


Every year we celebrate, with family that we hold dear,
Reminding them once again, that their birthday time is here.
We shower them with many gifts to show how much we care
Sometimes it’s a great big toy or perhaps a teddy bear.

We love to share the happiness these gifts can bring to them
We tell them with our presents that they are a special gem.
We gather friends and family to share the celebration
Often eating and drinking to the point of saturation.
Today we celebrate another birth, that of Christ our King;
What do we have to offer Him; what can we to Him bring?

He neither asks for flowery gifts, nor for our silver and gold,
He asks us just to follow Him, each step along life's road.
We get so busy in the rush of the Christmas season
Buying into the worldly rut and losing all our reason

Let’s step back and take the time, to put Christ back in Christmas
Let’s give Him His rightful place, not following the masses.

God has much more to give to us, when we follow in His way;
He promises to go with us through each and every day.

The best gift you can offer Him as you celebrate today;
Is to give your life in serving Him in all you do and say.

God sent His Son into this world because He loved us so
The angels announced His coming, with a heavenly glow.

Christ came to show each one the way to God's abundant life
Then He died to set us free from all that brings us strife

Now we await for His return, let's live for Him today
Leading others to the Christ, the Truth, the Life, the Way.


What do you see when you look at the cross; what picture is portrayed?
Do you see just a body marred, or the costly price Christ paid?
I see on that cross, my blessed Lord Who gave His life for mine;
He made the choice to pay the price, as He drank that bitter wine.

He set me free from bondage, from all the shackles that bind.
He freed me from all turmoil, that seemed to clutter my mind.
He set me free to serve Him, this Man of Calgary
He rose triumphant o’er the grave, and took my sin for me.

So many stood there on that day, to scorn the Son of God.
They just could not believe His word, as He walked the earthly sod.
They chose instead to sell their souls; to believe the devil’s lies;
They could not accept the wondrous love, for which He bled and died.

Today, you have a choice, my friend; to choose or walk away.
Won’t you turn to Christ today, the Truth, the Life, the Way?
Accept the love He offers you, before it is too late;
Open your heart and make Him in, no longer make Him wait.

He offers you true forgiveness, no matter what you’ve done
He took your sin upon Himself, the battle has been won.
His grace is all sufficient, no matter where you’ve been
Open your heart to Him today, He longs to make you clean.

The Meaning of Christmas

We wake up Christmas morning with much anticipation,
Of what may might lie beneath the tree to give us satisfaction.
Will we get our favorite gift for which we hinted often,
Or will it be the usual socks that make the package soften?

How many of us look inward when we sit beside the tree,
Thinking once more of our own wants, and what might be there for me?
Another parent wakes up today with nothing to make her jolly;
She hasn’t even got a tree with tinsel and with holly.

She wonders not what toy to buy, but just hopes to feed her kids,
A little soup to keep them warm; hunger pains she hopes to rid.
Some people have so little, but we keep wanting more
We have to have the latest trend, as the old becomes a bore.

Let us look back to Christmas past with less demands on us
Enjoying time with family, without the hustle and fuss.
The tree was decorated with popcorn and other homemade things
Then we would sit down as family Christmas carols to sing.
We peeked into our stockings to find fruit or a piece of coal
Then we’d open our simple gifts and be blessed to our very soul.
For we knew our gift was made with love and often sacrifice;
For things that come from a heart of love, we cannot put a price.

Many years before this time, a priceless gift was given
An angel announced the birth of a child whom was sent from God in Heaven.
A star shone bright in the eastern sky proclaiming a special birth;
Three wise men looking for the sign knew the Messiah had come to earth.

Shepherds, told by the angel of the birth of this dear child,
Went to pay their homage, to this babe so meek and mild
This child was born in obscurity in a lowly bed of hay
To teach us true humility, as we live from day to day.
Many have forgotten what Christmas means to you and me
The birth of our blessed Saviour who came to set us free.
Have you given your gift to Jesus this wonderful Christmas Day?
Have you given your life to serve Him each and every day?

It is the Saviour’s birthday so let our banners raise.
Let us give our gifts to Him in an attitude of praise.
JESUS IS THE REASON that we celebrate today
Let us announce it to the world that Christmas is here to stay.

Written by
Jean Anderson
© December 12, 2008
Days To Remember


Soldiers dying, people crying, families torn apart,
No one happy, everyone snappy, people with broken hearts,
The war is over! Hooray! Rejoicing! Everyone smiling, happy at last,
But wait, what of the soldiers who died, people who cried,
The ones who feared, who shed a tear,
The soldiers? They’re buried with a cross over their head,
The people? Still crying, their hearts are dying, and sometimes they wish they were dead,
So, on Remembrance Day, remember the soldiers, the families, the people,
Remember the things they did for our life, our future.

Remember them.



Many years before this time another battle raged
In a lonely garden, called Gethsemane
There our Saviour in sorrow prayed, “Not My will but Thine”
As He willingly accepted what lay ahead upon that cruel cross.

He suffered there on Calvary for sins he didn’t commit
For us Christ took the punishment of those many hits
Back in Heaven before His birth, He knew the time would come
When He would be the sacrifice, the perfect sinless One.
Today we enjoy freedom in our land because men paid with their lives

But a greater freedom Jesus brings; the promise of eternal life.
Let us not let Christ’s death be in vain, but let us share with others
Giving the message of hope to the lost, whether strangers or brothers.
Many sacrificed for our country; Christ sacrificed for the lost
Can we do less than give Him our all; Are we willing to count the cost?

Written by
Jean Anderson
@ 2009

Editor's Note:  Someone sent me the first poem on the Canadian Remembrance Day.  As a daughter of a soldier, I truly appreciated the poem.  Upon reading it, I was inspired to write about an even greater sacrifice which took place over 2000 years ago.  I trust this will give you something to think about and allow it to speak to your heart.

Attitude the Secret Ingredient

Working is my daily job and attitude, my choice
What I do with them each day can make or break my poise.
I take my feet out of my bed and plant them on the ground
Shaking off the pounds of lead so I can think real sound.

I dress up in my ‘finery’ with everything in place
Preparing once again for the daily work rat race.
What can I do that’s different to make a statement clear
That work is fun, not drudgery when we choose the path to steer.

Begin with lots of attitude and motivation too
Mix in a smile and pleasantness to give an added hue
Next blend in excitement - positivity to ‘boot’
Cast out all the negative and see what will turn ‘oot’.

A gradual change begins within that soon will show outside
Before you know what’s happened, you will have stemmed the tide
Attitude is everything, in this walk called life.
Let us choose the right kind and get rid of all that’s strife.

An attitude that’s healthy will bring a great return
Friends and opportunities and many things to learn
You’ll change from sad to happy; You’ll change from mean to kind
Your day will turn to pleasantness, instead of daily grind.

Written by

Jean Marie Anderson

Be Still My Child

Be Still My Child

Be still My child, and hear My voice
Be still My child, make Me your choice.
Draw from My well, and learn of Me
Be still My child, I'll set you free.

The battle rages in your soul,
The battle rages o'er and o'er,
How long will you, in turmoil sit?
Be still My child, Your soul I'll knit.

Bathe in My Word and you will see
A rest and peace come over thee;
A peace this world can never give,
Dwell in My Word and you will live.

Life victorious can be yours,
When you will unlock the doors;
Doors which lead to doubt and fear,
Learn to hand them o'er to Me.

Be still My child, rest in MY love,
Draw anew from the heavenly Dove,
Be still and you will only see,
Peace and joy eternally.