Tuesday, September 14, 2010


God sees your tears and broken heart;
He longs to love, and peace impart.
He sees your hurt and inner pride
That will not let a friend inside.

He sees the scarring that remains
Of deep rejection, searing pains.
Rejection that has broken down
The trust of anyone around.

But Jesus is a special Friend
That you can trust till journey’s end.
He feels each heartache that you bear
He lets you know He really cares.

There is no pain that you go through,
That Jesus hasn’t been there too;
He’s been rejected, whipped and scorned;
Before His Father, He has mourned.

He took your place on Calvary
Dying along, to set you free.
He longs to take you in His arms,
Setting you free from all that harms.

When Jesus comes to dwell within,
You will, an instant family win;
Brothers and sisters we become;
Our hearts together knit as one.

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