Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My child, I see you as one with a glow,
Filled with a heart set to overflow.
You have much to give but in fear you hold back,
Feeling somehow that there’s something you lack.

Whatever you lack, I promise to give;
So give Me yourself, and in you, I will live.
You have a gift of sharing yourself
So don’t be shy and sit on a shelf.

Your thoughts in writing have healed many wounds;
Reach out each day and be spiritually tuned.
If you will obey, I have much for you,
Behold, I’m about to lead you anew.

I’ll take your shyness and give confidence,
If you’ll do your part; not sit on a fence.
So many are hurting deep down inside,
I long to use you to heal their pride.

You can do all things while you trust in Me.
I am your answer; I am your key.
You, too, are special; I love you so much
Reach out in faith and you’ll feel My touch.

Fear not, My child, as I do work through you.
Many are called, but the chosen are few.
Those who will let Me, I’ll work through today;
Take now My hand as I lead the way.

Editor’s Note:  I wrote this poem for a fellow author
 Who was very shy to share her gifting.  I gave this to
Her as my gift of faith in her ability.

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