Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Have you counted the cost my friend, to be a soldier true?
Standing up for what is right in everything you do.
The ears that hear, the hands that do; the words we speak each day;
Do they stand for what is pure, or do they often stray?

There is a cost to follow Christ, to follow in His way;
Are you willing to pay that price to follow Him each day?
Christ paid the ultimate price for us so many years ago;
He gave up all in sacrifice, because He loves us so.

What have we done to give Him thanks for how He set us free?
What have we done to show the world that Jesus is the Key?
The key to joy and happiness; the key to lasting peace;
The key to untold blessings that truly never cease.

We’re here to make a difference, to show the world we care;
We’re here to love with Jesus’ love and help, their burdens to bear. We are the only Bible which many of them read.
May the message that they hear begin to plant good seed.

What we say and how we act, will speak so very clear,
A message of hate or a message of love, what will your neighbors hear?
So count the cost today, my friend and be a soldier true;
Standing up for what is right in everything

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