Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Lord, we have a lot to share; help us Lord to share it.
Lord we have a lot to give; help us Lord to give it.

Many hurting people, Lord, cross our path each day,
Help us to be sensitive, and for their needs, to pray.

May our arm be Your arm, reaching out in love;
Picking up the fallen, being led by the Heavenly Dove.

Let us talk of Jesus, but let us live Him too.
In our every action, may Jesus be seen anew.

We thank you God for friend who care
To take the time to love and share;
We thank you for their little smile,
That makes us feel that life’s worthwhile.

We thank you for the times they share
Before the throne of grace in prayer,
Talking to You about our need,
Letting us know, they care, indeed.

We thank You for the little ways
They share to give us happy days;
But most of all, we thank You, God;
They’re sensitive to the Spirit’s prod.

Oh Lord, bless all our friends today
And use them in a special way.
Grant them wisdom from above
And fill them with the Spirit’s love.

(Editor’s note:  These two poems go
Hand in hand so I have put them on a
Page together.)

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