Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Every year we celebrate, with family that we hold dear,
Reminding them once again, that their birthday time is here.
We shower them with many gifts to show how much we care
Sometimes it’s a great big toy or perhaps a teddy bear.

We love to share the happiness these gifts can bring to them
We tell them with our presents that they are a special gem.
We gather friends and family to share the celebration
Often eating and drinking to the point of saturation.
Today we celebrate another birth, that of Christ our King;
What do we have to offer Him; what can we to Him bring?

He neither asks for flowery gifts, nor for our silver and gold,
He asks us just to follow Him, each step along life's road.
We get so busy in the rush of the Christmas season
Buying into the worldly rut and losing all our reason

Let’s step back and take the time, to put Christ back in Christmas
Let’s give Him His rightful place, not following the masses.

God has much more to give to us, when we follow in His way;
He promises to go with us through each and every day.

The best gift you can offer Him as you celebrate today;
Is to give your life in serving Him in all you do and say.

God sent His Son into this world because He loved us so
The angels announced His coming, with a heavenly glow.

Christ came to show each one the way to God's abundant life
Then He died to set us free from all that brings us strife

Now we await for His return, let's live for Him today
Leading others to the Christ, the Truth, the Life, the Way.

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