Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Oh blessed Holy Spirit
We come to Thee just now
And ask that Thou wilt bless us;
As we, before Thee bow.
Oh take our lives and let them be
On this our wedding day,
Completely yielded Lord, to Thee,
That Thou might’st lead our way.

Oh blessed Holy Spirit,
Be Thou our constant Guide;
And may we ever put three first ,
And never from Thee hide:
Guide Thou our paths where’re we tread
And may we mindful be,
That Thou art guiding both our lives,
In thought and word and deed.

Oh blessed Holy Spirit,
To Thee we jointly pray,
That we, when parents, might bestow
The love Thou dost portray.
Oh give us wisdom from above
To rear our family,
Around the precious Word of God,
And in deep humility.

Written July 1966
When God confirmed to me my life partner.
This poem was really the start of my writing career

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  1. Editor's Note:
    This is my first official poem which I wrote when the Lord showed me that my hubby was the one I was to marry. We were engaged Sept 29, 1966 and married March 25, 1967.