Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Meaning of Christmas

We wake up Christmas morning with much anticipation,
Of what may might lie beneath the tree to give us satisfaction.
Will we get our favorite gift for which we hinted often,
Or will it be the usual socks that make the package soften?

How many of us look inward when we sit beside the tree,
Thinking once more of our own wants, and what might be there for me?
Another parent wakes up today with nothing to make her jolly;
She hasn’t even got a tree with tinsel and with holly.

She wonders not what toy to buy, but just hopes to feed her kids,
A little soup to keep them warm; hunger pains she hopes to rid.
Some people have so little, but we keep wanting more
We have to have the latest trend, as the old becomes a bore.

Let us look back to Christmas past with less demands on us
Enjoying time with family, without the hustle and fuss.
The tree was decorated with popcorn and other homemade things
Then we would sit down as family Christmas carols to sing.
We peeked into our stockings to find fruit or a piece of coal
Then we’d open our simple gifts and be blessed to our very soul.
For we knew our gift was made with love and often sacrifice;
For things that come from a heart of love, we cannot put a price.

Many years before this time, a priceless gift was given
An angel announced the birth of a child whom was sent from God in Heaven.
A star shone bright in the eastern sky proclaiming a special birth;
Three wise men looking for the sign knew the Messiah had come to earth.

Shepherds, told by the angel of the birth of this dear child,
Went to pay their homage, to this babe so meek and mild
This child was born in obscurity in a lowly bed of hay
To teach us true humility, as we live from day to day.
Many have forgotten what Christmas means to you and me
The birth of our blessed Saviour who came to set us free.
Have you given your gift to Jesus this wonderful Christmas Day?
Have you given your life to serve Him each and every day?

It is the Saviour’s birthday so let our banners raise.
Let us give our gifts to Him in an attitude of praise.
JESUS IS THE REASON that we celebrate today
Let us announce it to the world that Christmas is here to stay.

Written by
Jean Anderson
© December 12, 2008

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  1. As I was writing this poem, I thought back to the simple Christmas of my youth during World War I. Since money wasn't readily available, families made many of their Christmas gifts. Sometimes, I long for those more simple Christmas when we truly remembered why we celebrate this special day.