Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Be Still My Child

Be Still My Child

Be still My child, and hear My voice
Be still My child, make Me your choice.
Draw from My well, and learn of Me
Be still My child, I'll set you free.

The battle rages in your soul,
The battle rages o'er and o'er,
How long will you, in turmoil sit?
Be still My child, Your soul I'll knit.

Bathe in My Word and you will see
A rest and peace come over thee;
A peace this world can never give,
Dwell in My Word and you will live.

Life victorious can be yours,
When you will unlock the doors;
Doors which lead to doubt and fear,
Learn to hand them o'er to Me.

Be still My child, rest in MY love,
Draw anew from the heavenly Dove,
Be still and you will only see,
Peace and joy eternally.

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