Tuesday, August 31, 2010


What do you see when you look at the cross; what picture is portrayed?
Do you see just a body marred, or the costly price Christ paid?
I see on that cross, my blessed Lord Who gave His life for mine;
He made the choice to pay the price, as He drank that bitter wine.

He set me free from bondage, from all the shackles that bind.
He freed me from all turmoil, that seemed to clutter my mind.
He set me free to serve Him, this Man of Calgary
He rose triumphant o’er the grave, and took my sin for me.

So many stood there on that day, to scorn the Son of God.
They just could not believe His word, as He walked the earthly sod.
They chose instead to sell their souls; to believe the devil’s lies;
They could not accept the wondrous love, for which He bled and died.

Today, you have a choice, my friend; to choose or walk away.
Won’t you turn to Christ today, the Truth, the Life, the Way?
Accept the love He offers you, before it is too late;
Open your heart and make Him in, no longer make Him wait.

He offers you true forgiveness, no matter what you’ve done
He took your sin upon Himself, the battle has been won.
His grace is all sufficient, no matter where you’ve been
Open your heart to Him today, He longs to make you clean.

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