Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Days To Remember


Soldiers dying, people crying, families torn apart,
No one happy, everyone snappy, people with broken hearts,
The war is over! Hooray! Rejoicing! Everyone smiling, happy at last,
But wait, what of the soldiers who died, people who cried,
The ones who feared, who shed a tear,
The soldiers? They’re buried with a cross over their head,
The people? Still crying, their hearts are dying, and sometimes they wish they were dead,
So, on Remembrance Day, remember the soldiers, the families, the people,
Remember the things they did for our life, our future.

Remember them.



Many years before this time another battle raged
In a lonely garden, called Gethsemane
There our Saviour in sorrow prayed, “Not My will but Thine”
As He willingly accepted what lay ahead upon that cruel cross.

He suffered there on Calvary for sins he didn’t commit
For us Christ took the punishment of those many hits
Back in Heaven before His birth, He knew the time would come
When He would be the sacrifice, the perfect sinless One.
Today we enjoy freedom in our land because men paid with their lives

But a greater freedom Jesus brings; the promise of eternal life.
Let us not let Christ’s death be in vain, but let us share with others
Giving the message of hope to the lost, whether strangers or brothers.
Many sacrificed for our country; Christ sacrificed for the lost
Can we do less than give Him our all; Are we willing to count the cost?

Written by
Jean Anderson
@ 2009

Editor's Note:  Someone sent me the first poem on the Canadian Remembrance Day.  As a daughter of a soldier, I truly appreciated the poem.  Upon reading it, I was inspired to write about an even greater sacrifice which took place over 2000 years ago.  I trust this will give you something to think about and allow it to speak to your heart.

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