Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Attitude the Secret Ingredient

Working is my daily job and attitude, my choice
What I do with them each day can make or break my poise.
I take my feet out of my bed and plant them on the ground
Shaking off the pounds of lead so I can think real sound.

I dress up in my ‘finery’ with everything in place
Preparing once again for the daily work rat race.
What can I do that’s different to make a statement clear
That work is fun, not drudgery when we choose the path to steer.

Begin with lots of attitude and motivation too
Mix in a smile and pleasantness to give an added hue
Next blend in excitement - positivity to ‘boot’
Cast out all the negative and see what will turn ‘oot’.

A gradual change begins within that soon will show outside
Before you know what’s happened, you will have stemmed the tide
Attitude is everything, in this walk called life.
Let us choose the right kind and get rid of all that’s strife.

An attitude that’s healthy will bring a great return
Friends and opportunities and many things to learn
You’ll change from sad to happy; You’ll change from mean to kind
Your day will turn to pleasantness, instead of daily grind.

Written by

Jean Marie Anderson

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